Belectric Bolsover 1 - Flat Pad creation



DATE: August 2018

DURATION: 4 weeks

RELATION TO THIS PROJECT: Project 6 was to carry out clearance works before we installed a 4.0m high enviromantal barrier around a battery storage farm.

SCOTFAST carry out works across the whole UK and Northern Ireland.

SCOTFAST are used for all clearance and fencing works and have done since the start of 2018, we have built a good working relationship and SCOTFAST will always go over the odds to provide an excellent service.

Scotfast cleared 3 Ha, of unused woodlands and followed by creating a flat pad for the cattery storage farm to be installed on.

We then returned to site and installed eco plug in all the roots across the site.

SCOTFAST have also carried out over 35km of hedge planting in 2018 for various companies and on this project SCOTFAST installed sections of stock hedge and stand alone planting.

SCOTFAST have successfully managed all timescales set out by the Client and worked to our budget on each project.

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